Follow Adder Review + FREE Trial: Why This Tool Continues To Be Popular

Follow Adder is one of the automation tools that is gaining popularity very fast as alternatives after the shutdown of Instagress & Mass Planner.

It utilizes two distinct features to fulfil your automation needs. These are scraping and uploading.

Scraping enables you to explore users, comments, and posts related to your niche and save them for later use. The uploading or interacting feature allows you to programme your posts and uploads in a manner that makes your account more interactive.

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If you are seeking to improve your website traffic, generate leads, make money, or promote your business through Instagram, this software may be ideal for you because of how it works.

You might be asking yourself whether you need the tool or not, or whether it might be useful for you. Here are a summary of what to expect:

  • If you market on Instagram, the more followers as well as engagement you have the more relevant and targeted traffic you can redirect to your website or blog.
  • The tools allow you to save on time and you won’t have to spend hours on end using the app to get followers.
  • With these tools, you get to generate leads for your business, whether you sell products or a service.
  • If you have a big following, you can use your skills to make money on the platform.
  • Individuals in the entertainment industry can get more online exposure as well as enjoy better working opportunities.

The main aim of this Follow Adder review is to outline the benefits and efficiency of using the software.

Let us look at some of them.

Won’t be Shut Down Any time Soon

The best part of using this software is that it will use the same IP address that you are using in the home because you run it right from your computer! This means that you use the same IP that you are using to connect to the Instagram app in the home or the office, which means that Instagram won’t detect the disparity in the IP address and ban your account.

Most of the services have been shut down due to the disparity in IP addresses that come up when you use the service from the provider’s server. Instagram won’t detect the disparity, unless you become too aggressive with the actions or you spam your followers.

Using Follow Adder safeguards your Instagram account so that you don’t get suspended. Since you are using the same residential IP address, you won’t get the suspicious login notifications nor need to have to confirm logins using a security code each time you use the app. This is a great way to prevent Instagram from monitoring your account.

Full Account Automation

You can never use Follow Adder to grow your account and worry about performing certain tasks manually. While there are many Instagram automation tools on the market that require your input to function optimally, Follow Adder is not among them.

The app is designed to give you an opportunity to relax as it accomplishes most of your account management activities.

Through automating your comments, likes, follows, and unfollows, it becomes easy to interact and respond to your followers in good time.

The more you interact with your audience the faster your page grows.

Easy To Use Interface

The app has a very simple interface that is easy to navigate. Its dashboard is well laid out and all you need is to take advantage of every aspect provided by the software.

Once you pay for the service, you go ahead and register an account, log in and then start adding your Instagram account. The best thing is that the software lets you add more than one Instagram account within the software.

If you get stuck, you can always refer to the FAQ and help page that gives you the information you need. Once you set up your account, the software gives you prompts that you follow to make sure you get the functionality you need to achieve your marketing goals.

So if you are a new user, it will not take you long to get familiar with this wonderful automation tool.

Bulk Uploading Option

This feature makes it easier to post relevant and high-quality content on a regular basis. It helps you save more time, which you can spend on other aspects of your business that are more important.

Instead of uploading one photo at a time, you can select a bunch of photos that you want to use over a period of time, upload the photos to the system and schedule how they will be posted in a way that is both natural and authentic.

The Use of Lists

With Follow Adder, you can make use of lists to narrow down your target audience to a specific group of people that you are interested in.

The app allows you to create lists of the people or organizations you want to engage. It also helps you to develop a list of photos and comments that you want to like or comment on.

Follow Adder lists make it easy to unfollow certain accounts that you are no longer interested in.

This whole concept of lists gives you an opportunity to maximize your audience reach and locate relevant accounts that increase your exposure on the platform.

Hashtags Are Not Left Out

Have you ever imagined how difficult it would be growing your Instagram followers and improving engagement without the use of hashtags?

After selecting a hashtag that is related to your niche, Follow Adder utilizes it to search the platform and engage accounts and posts that fall into the same category as your tag.

The people you engage are likely to be interested in your account and follow you back, especially if what you are offering is relevant to them.

Multiple Profile Management

Unlike a number of popular Instagram bots, you can use Follow Adder to manage several Instagram accounts at the same time. This gives you value for your money as you do not need to make individual purchases for each of your accounts.

Direct Messaging

You may find it useful to send messages to new account followers or a group of accounts especially when promoting your products or introducing a new business.

The direct messaging feature on Follow Adder enables you to do this and gives you the option to send customized automatic messages to anyone who contacts you.

It Is Cheaper Than Buying Followers or Likes

One of the top mistakes you can make as an influencer is to buy followers or likes, especially when you are an influencer who is looking to make some money from the influence you command over your followers.

As an influencer, your aim is to build followers that will stay engaged with your content. The best way to do this is to use a service such as Follow Adder to keep up with the comments that your followers post. Using Follow Adder is easier because it reduces the amount of time you will be on the app.

Using Follow Adder is cheaper than buying followers, and gives you better results because you end up with the level of engagement you only dreamt of. Using the service is also cheaper than hiring a consultant or a full-time social, media employee.

Easily Manage Account Settings

Follow Adder gives you an accounts settings tab that is easy to use. For instance, you can use the tab to set when you wish to run automation, depending on your zip code. You can also set the delay mode so that you control when things load up. This is ideal when you want the activity of the software to look organic. This confuses the Instagram bot since the software will begin its activity a few seconds after the uploads.

Additionally, you can use a VPN or proxy to mask your residential IP address. However, this is useful when you are using multiple Instagram accounts. Remember that if Instagram can suspend your accounts when they discover that you are using multiple accounts on the same IP address. Some of the settings you have to adjust include:

  • The time to run the automated tasks.
  • How long to update the followers after logging in.
  • How long for the photos to update after logging in.
  • How fast it takes to update account data.

Easy Proxy Configuration

Many people find it hard to connect to a proxy when they are using Instagram. Follow Adder gives you a simple easy to use interface to set up the proxy for your software. All you need is to navigate to the “Proxy Settings” tab then tick the checkbox that says “Use a proxy for connecting to Instagram” then enter the address, port, username and password. Not sure about the right proxy provider? Follow Adder gives you a list of recommended providers that you can use.

A Multitude of Targeting Options

When you use Follow Adder, you get the chance to target your followers in a variety of ways. You get to search by location, hashtags, users, followers and those that have engaged with your content. This gives you a wide spectrum to work with.

Why should you use targeting to such a great extent? Well, when you do this, Instagram won’t be able to detect your activities especially when you use multiple targeting options.

On the other hand, if you repeat the same actions over and over, Instagram will block you or suspend some actions on your account. Follow Adder knows this fact very well, and provides you with a host of ways to change the activity so that you stay safe.

To implement this, you can run a location tag search in the morning, hashtag search in the afternoon and a user search in the evening then you can shuffle them up the next day. This prevents you from running repetitive tasks each day that make you suspicious.

Speed Control to Manage Your Account

Did you know that the speed at which you run your activities on Instagram determines whether you get banned or you stay “alive”? The speed of executing your actions depends on the status of your account. It is common knowledge that if your account is aged, you can run your actions as fast as possible without any suspicions, but when your account is still new; you need to take it slow, which is why it is vital that you get software that gives you this capability.

Unlike other services and software on the market, Follow Adder allows you to control your speed when it comes to delivering activities. You can determine how many followers you want in a day or an hour, and also the time to perform the botting.

We recommend that you start slow and build on the speed as your account grows stronger. You can also use your current statistics so that you determine what speed to start with.

Why should you do this? You need to show Instagram that your activity is slowly growing as opposed to being too aggressive. If you start off by being very aggressive, Instagram will block you. So, slowly ease yourself into the activity before you go all out into it.

Account Statistics to Show Your Real-Time Progress

How would you know how your account is performing without logging in? Well, traditionally you had to switch from one account to the other to see what you have been doing.

Follow Adder gives you a reporting module that allows you to check what is happening in different accounts, especially when you run more than one account on the same software. At a glance, you can check out the statistics of the different accounts right from the dashboard without the need to switch from one to the other.

The statistics also show what the bot is doing. This is useful if you wish to optimize the automation. This means you know which hashtags are trending, which ones are giving you the best results and which ones aren’t working at all.

Different Billing Accounts to Choose From

Each marketer has his or her own budget to follow. However, you need to make sure you match your budget to the status of the account. Don’t go for a starter plan when what you need is a professional plan. The choice is dictated by the status of the account.

Here are the different plans you need to choose from depending on your needs.

  • Starter Pack ($49.99) – this gives you 6 months’ access ($8.33 per month). This allows you to manage 1 Instagram profile, but you get all the features that come with the software. You get free support and software updates.
  • Premium pack ($75) – for 6 months which translates to $12.50 per month. Allows you to manage 3 Instagram accounts with all features.
  • Professional pack ($115) – 6 months access which translates to $19.17 per month. Allows you to manage 5 Instagram profiles.
  • Agent pack ($188) – for 6 months, which translates to $31.33 per month. It allows you to manage 10 Instagram accounts per month.
  • Publicist pack ($425) – gives you 6 months access, which translates to $70.63 per month. This is ideal for those who need to manage 25 Instagram accounts at once.

However, you can give it a trial for 7 days for FREE before you decide to use the software.

Helps You to Maintain an Active Profile

One of the best ways to maintain an active profile is to make sure some profiles remain followed all through while some are never followed. To this end, Follow Adder gives you the White list option so that you allow some profiles through always, and the blacklist option so that you shut out some profiles from your account. Doing this gives you the chance to make sure your account stays active always.

Scheduling Features to Help You Get the Best Out of Your Posts

An extra feature that makes the tool a joy to have is that you get to schedule multiple posts. This means you get to plan your post ahead so that they get posted at intervals to make the account look as natural as possible. When you schedule your posts you make sure you have time to create them early in advance.

Scheduling your posts gives you time to come up with new ideas for content. And since you are scheduling them so that you look natural, you won’t look like spam.

You Grow Your Account Fast

The software only focuses on the followers that will only be interested in visiting your Instagram page and checking out your content. Since this is possible, you have a high chance of getting more followers to your page.

The best part of using Follow Adder is that the followers that come to your account are real people, most of who will engage with you and know more about your account.

Get Time to Interact With Your Audience

An aspect of Follow Adder that makes it great is the ability to automate so many activities in such a short period of time. This means that you can schedule your posts for the next month, and Follow Adder will publish these images at a natural rate.

Because the software works in an automated matter, it gives you the time to engage with your followers on a faster rate than if you were handling the actions by yourself. This gives your page the capacity to grow faster. Remember the more engagement you achieve on your Instagram page, the faster you will grow.


The Final Question to answer is: should you use Follow Adder?

The software could be a great investment if you are looking for more followers for your Instagram account. The software you get is very advanced and gives you a lot of features that you won’t find with other software providers.

You get to manage different accounts from the same dashboard so that you won’t have to waste time switching from one account to another. You can use the different targeting options to get the best results from the software.

The software is priced differently to make sure you get the right one for your needs as well as your budget.

Get The FREE Trial

The software is easy to use and the interface is intuitive, making it one of the top tools in the market for your needs. Still not convinced? You can make a trial run by going for the 1 week FREE trial before you decide to opt for a plan.

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