StreamerPlus Review – Scam or Legit?

There are many social media platforms out there, but there is something very unique and interesting about Twitch. Twitch is a very niche-specific platform that features many live streams related to video games and other things that people love. 

Because the platform is still relatively small in comparison with other social media giants, there is a lot of room for people to build a loyal, engaged pack of Twitch stream subscribers and viewers. They’re coming in roughly at 37 million monthly active users, which is still a good chunk of people to boost you to Twitch stardom. 

Users love Twitch because you can easily monetize your streams through tips and other rewards, which makes it a good platform to build a following and make some money directly off of your efforts. 

For this reason, companies have emerged to offer Twitch growth services, providing followers and viewers along with other engagements for Twitch. Some of these companies work pretty well, and some of them are just trying to turn a profit without much delivered result. 

StreamerPlus, one of these Twitch growth companies, and we’ve done some research to bring you a review of their services. We’ll let you know just how much value you can expect to get from StreamerPlus services. 

Twitch Famous? 

StreamerPlus Twitch Famous

The first claim on the StreamerPlus website is that you can get famous with their services, touting real followers and viewers. They recognize that it can be difficult to get noticed on Twitch, which can be true, but that doesn’t mean their services are the only solution. 

The key thing that we need to determine is what the StreamerPlus service will provide customers and whether or not they actually do something beneficial for your Twitch growth. 

StreamerPlus also discloses that they follow a “carefully planned marketing strategy” to gain you results, but this is a common phrase used to create buzz around a service that does nothing of the sort. 

They don’t mention any of their marketing strategy on their website, which means they probably don’t have one and are offering simple, fake Twitch followers and viewers. They don’t sell any engagements for Twitch, so you won’t be able to fortify any likes, comments, or anything else. 

Let’s look at their plans and pricing to determine what kind of value you can expect. 

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Pricing and Value  

StreamerPlus Pricing

At the top of the page, StreamerPlus has two options: Twitch followers, and Twitch viewers. When you click on Twitch followers, you’ll be given a bunch of package options with a header phrase, “Instant fame on the tips of your fingers!” 

Not likely. 

The packages start at 100 followers and increase to 500, 1000, 2500, 5,000, 7,000, and 10,000. The only information they give you is that they are high quality, will be delivered in a 1-2 day time frame, and that they don’t require your password.

While it’s good that they don’t require your password, nothing else about this description is reassuring. These followers are clearly not real and are not going to bring anything valuable to your Twitch account. 

The same pattern follows for Twitch viewers. It’s unfortunate because people do need help growing their Twitch profile, but what is provided by StreamerPlus is ultimately a waste of time and money. 

The only way to get real popularity and monetary benefits is through active followers and viewers who are engaged with your live streams. These followers and viewers from StreamerPlus won’t engage with your stuff at all, which means they’re not going to do you any good. 

Not only that, when you fill your account with fake followers and viewers, Twitch takes notice and will open an investigation against you. They don’t condone fortifying your viewership and aim to punish accounts who do this in order to maintain the integrity of their platform and user experience.  

Review Conclusion

StreamerPlus is nothing special and won’t help you to become “Twitch Famous,” as they say. They will send you fake followers and viewers for your Twitch profile, which does nothing to help you. 

As we said, you need real followers and viewers to help you build a good reputation on Twitch, so buying here is basically like throwing your money away. May as well donate it to charity or send it to other users as a tip on Twitch. 


What they provide is also not approved by Twitch, and their Trustpilot reviews are terrible; 80% of all reviews are as bad as they can be. Don’t risk losing your time and money through a lame Twitch growth service like StreamerPlus.  

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