Instazood Review 2020 | The Verdict on Instazood

Ah, Instagram. A conglomeration of verified models, poets, cats, food, and The Shade Room

With this high velocity of internet interaction, it is natural to try to build an aesthetically pleasing account in order to generate followers. That’s where Instagram bots come in – one of which being Instazood.
On its website, Instazood advertises itself as a tool to help grow the number of followers and likes on the social networking site.
At first glance, it seems pretty legit. There are promises of authenticity, effectiveness, and guarantee.
The bot offers the user full control of its services, offers a ton of filters, and personalized customizable options for each person to gain a set of specific followers.

All the Instazood Features

It’s mobile friendly, has access to multiple languages, gives the user the opportunity to manage/schedule posts and buys real IG followers.
They even advertise as having an “auto-DM” option. With Instagram imposing some limits on the direct message feature, Instazood allows you the opportunity to message all followers – even those that don’t. The purpose behind this is to utilize the direct message in order to boost engagement to enforce a good and positive relationship with your followers.
Instazood even says it’s in your best interest to send direct messages on a daily basis.
You also get a “comment tracker” that aids in reading, responding, deleting, and organizing all comments left on your profile. Instead of checking your Instagram account every few minutes, you’ll be able to view them from the Instazood dashboard. With this feature, you can mark certain comments as ‘important’, mark them as ‘resolved’, and even delete the nasty ones you don’t want to deal with.
Instazood even offers the option of scheduling your posts in advance, scheduling post deletion (because people actually do that when they’re trying to rebrand their profile aesthetic. It must be new every month!). And you get to watermark all your photos so people don’t copy and steal them without permission.
Not to mention it’s relatively cheap ($9.99 or $14.99 depending on the package). And a 24/7 customer service center!

All sounds pretty great, right?

Wrong. Instazood is NOT great.

After some digging – and some pretty intense reviews – Instazood isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.
A few days after the initial installation, people were having issues with the bot not working. There were no more likes or followers. Everything that had been promised came to an immediate halt.
Some users even tried to take the problem to customer service but quickly found out that their “24/7 customer support team” was really only an email response a few days later. And when users tried to get a refund, they were completely ignored.
Cool. Cool. Cool.
Not only did engagement fall back down to zero, but users also discovered that the bot was essentially useless when Instagram changed its algorithm as it was not created to keep up with these changes. Which is definitely not a good thing considering Instagram changes its algorithm frequently. I mean, if you can’t create a bot to keep up with updates, is it even a bot?
In addition, Instagram blocks the services of Instazood due to the copyright infringement policy that doesn’t allow any other business to use “Insta.”
What does this little tidbit mean then? Anyone who uses Instazood can have their account banned.
How cool is that? Ha – you’re right. It’s not.

The Verdict

So if you’re trying to build your Instagram followers and you’re interested in buying an application that will help you – do everything in your power to avoid Instazood. There’s nothing positive about them, one user wrote that they even buy fake reviews. (*eye roll*)
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