Growlee Review – Will it grow your Instagram?

Growlee: A Review

When it comes to growing your Instagram account, there are a variety of services that you can employ to grow it on your behalf. Not many people have enough time in the day to sit on the app and like and comment on every photo that relates to their content, so this is where Growlee come in.

Growlee are an organic growth service that can help you build you following, but are they worth it? Here we review them to see if their service works.

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Who Are Growlee?

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Growlee are an Instagram account management service that use the organic growth strategy to grow their customers accounts. Growlee utilises hashtags in order to grow their customers account. When you get up your account you will be asked which hashtags relate to your posts and content and Growlee will begin liking other content that uses these same hashtags.

Their system will also follow content creators that use these hashtags in the hope that they will follow you back. 

Does Growlee Work?


Growlee will grow your account, but it is down to you and the information that you provide the tool with. Before you start inputting data into Growlee, it will be worth considering your target audience and the type of people that you want to have following your account.

It is always better to have a strategy before you start using a tool such as this than it is to develop one ad hoc. Outline what hashtags are being used frequently by popular influencers and see if your content aligns with theirs, from there you can set up the tool and get it to start working for you. With this type of strategy, you won’t see instant, huge results.

Unlike buying followers, using an automation tool takes time, but the results compound. The results are that you end up with a following of people who want to see your content and engage with it, rather than a following of bot accounts that add value and reduce your follower to engagement ratio.

You need your audience to engage with your content to build authority on Instagram and Growlee can help you do this. 

Is Growlee Legit?

Growlee is a legitimate service that can provide you with a solid way of growing your account. Due to the time it takes to configure and get results, some people may think that it is a scam, but you just have to remain patient.

When you measure this service against other similar ones, there are some short comings. Their strategy is very one dimensional and only deploys hashtags and the follow/unfollow methodology.

There is no smart targeting that you see from other providers and the follow/unfollow method will only go so far. If you are wanting a lasting Instagram tool that has a multifaceted strategy, there are other options available to you on the market which will help you grow faster. 

Final thoughts

Growlee provides its customers with a method of growing their Instagram account without resorting to buying followers. The results take a little longer as their strategy is more simplistic than other services of this nature, but your account will grow if you configure the tool correctly.

Using this service, you will see an increase in people engaging with your content, but the scope of this tool is limited when you weigh it up against others of a similar nature. Prior to using a tool such as this, you want to make sure that input data relevant to your target market and your niche to ensure that you get the best results. 

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