Follower Dream Review – Does it work?

Follower Dream: A Review

Growing any social media account takes time, consistency and above all, patience. If you are wanting to monetize your account or simply become an influencer with a high level of authority and social proof, you need a large following to be able to do so.

With so many businesses offering people ways to grow their social media, how can you be sure you are choosing the right one? Here we review follower dream to see if they are worth your time and money.

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Who Are Follower Dream?

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Follower Dream are a provider of likes and followers for Instagram. They are a relatively inexpensive service who will provide your account with up to 25,000 likes or followers per transaction.

When you purchase followers from follower’s dream, there is no method of targeting which followers you are buying. You simply give them your Instagram URL for your feed or post, and they will give you the followers and likes that you have purchased. 

Does Follower Dream Work?

Follower dream is a transaction-based service, you pay for followers and likes, and they provide you with them. There is no option to tailor the service to meet your needs in terms of targeting.

If you are looking to get a targeted audience, who you will be able to sell products to, then you will need to look elsewhere. The followers that follower dream provides you with are more often than not, bot accounts. 

Is Buying Followers Worth It?

As aforementioned, the followers that follower dream provides you with are bot accounts. If you are just looking to increase your follower number, then follower dream will do this for you. However, if you are looking to monetize your account and market your feed to potential brands and open yourself up for collaborations, this is not the route you want to take.

The reason for this is because bot accounts take up valuable space in your follower list. When brands are assessing who they want to collaborate with, they will look through your follower list and quickly come to the conclusion that you have bought followers. Purchasing followers can also damage your engagement ratio.

You need to keep this ratio healthy to ensure that Instagram will show your content to other users. If Instagram suspect that you have purchased followers, they will shadow ban your content and once that has happened, it is almost impossible to undo.

If you do want to purchase followers, make sure you go for genuine followers that engage with your content and add value to your follower list. Or you could end up with 10,000 followers who don’t actively engage in your content and just pull down your governing ratio. 

Final Thoughts

 When it comes to buying Instagram followers, not all services are created equal and not all providers give you the quality of followers you require. If you are trying to grow your Instagram effectively and potentially monetize it, the last thing you want to do is take the short cut to instant growth.

Not only will you damage your follower to engagement ratio, businesses and brands don’t take kindly to people who have done this and will overlook you in favour of someone else. The best thing you can do is either spend time and organically grow your account or use one of the already established growth management services available.

When you are paying for a growth management service, you are paying for a strategy that will deliver quality results and followers that really will add value to your Instagram feed and enjoy your content.  

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