15 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes (2021)

Instagram remains the top choice for businesses and brands to grow their following and enhance the awareness around their products and services. Not only that, influencers are also looking to boost their following to find better brand partnerships. 

In general, Instagram is also a popular platform for entertainment, news, and sharing funny videos and life events, so there is a lot of room to become popular on the platform. The thing is that nowadays Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users, so if you’re looking to become the next Insta-sensation, you may have to take a number. 

With this increased competition comes the need for a larger following and the ability to reach more people. Most people think that focusing on follower growth is the best way to boost their Instagram results, but there may be another way that will help to boost followers as a secondary effect. 

Follower count is no longer the indicator of Instagram prowess; engagement is. Instagram likes, comments, DMs, profile views, shares, and reactions are all heavy drivers of Instagram success. Likes can be one of the best ways to grow your Instagram account in all aspects. 

Why are Instagram Likes Important? 

As we mentioned above, Instagram likes are part of the larger umbrella known as Instagram engagement. While follower count used to be the key indicator demonstrating whether or not someone was popular on Instagram, this metric has been booted, and now it’s engagement. 

The main reason for this is because Instagram adjusted their algorithms to favor accounts with high levels of engagement, as this is a more accurate reflection of content that performs well and adds value to the community. 

It works like this: you have a piece of content, that content gets a lot of likes and/or comments, and Instagram notes that it has performed desirably in the eyes of users. It will then (a) show your content to more people with similar profiles and (b) will consistently show your content to the users that previously engaged with you. 

This means your content will get more natural reach, building you more followers, and it will get more engagement since it will appear in the feeds of users who engage with you on a regular basis. 

Not only that, when you have a healthy follower to engagement ratio (3%+) you are more likely to get brand partnerships and sponsorships. 

Likes are one of the simplest forms of engagement; all a user has to do is double-tap and you’ve got a mark for you against the algorithm. The tricky part can be, however, encouraging them to do so. 

Many users on Instagram are too impatient to wait around for people to like their Instagram content, so they want a way to jumpstart the process. The good news is that there are companies that you can buy Instagram likes from; the bad news is that they aren’t always the most reputable services.

Is it Safe to Buy Instagram Likes? 

Since many of these Instagram services are a bit shady, you have to really do your homework on which ones can provide you with valuable likes that won’t disappear from your profile or get your account flagged. 

When you think about whether or not a service is “safe,” you’ve got to think about it in two different ways: your Instagram account integrity and compliance, as well as your data and info protection. 

Some services will put the integrity of your Instagram account at risk because their services go against the Instagram terms of use. Other services may ask for unnecessary information or skimp on the security measures, putting your sensitive data at risk. 

It’s important to protect yourself and choose wisely; for that reason, we’ve created this ho-off-the-press guide to buying Instagram likes. The 15 sites on our list are all safe and effective to use on Instagram, and they all offer a bit of variety in terms of service options. 

Once we go through those options, we’ll talk a bit about how effective buying Instagram likes is in general, and give you some side tips on amplifying the results you see from these services. Let’s go! 

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes 

The below 15 sites will give you premium options for buying Instagram likes and perpetuating more engagements. After research and comparisons, these 15 sites are exactly what you need to develop your reputation through Instagram likes. We can’t wait for you to check them out! 

1. MoreLikes


MoreLikes is no doubt the best Instagram service for likes; it is really inconvenient to have to purchase likes in packages for each of your individual posts, and that’s exactly what you won’t have to do with More Likes. 

More Likes is a monthly service that provides you with real Instagram likes on all of your new content; they use an auto-detect method to find out when you have posted new content, and they can send you over real likes within 60 seconds of posting your content. 

This is fantastic because you don’t have to lift a finger and your real Instagram likes will be directed to your account. How do they provide real Instagram likes? 

They have a large network of users that are part of their program, and when new content is posted, these users will go through and like content, bringing you real and authentic Instagram Likes. This is a huge one-up on most other Instagram likes services. 

Not only that, you can choose how quick the likes come onto your content; if you don’t want them to come on immediately, you can adjust that setting. The service will also sometimes give you 5-10% more likes so that your rates look natural and organic, not like a set purchased number. 

You can choose between a variety of plans based on how many likes you want per post; all of the packages allow you to apply these real likes to up to 4 posts a day, which is a reasonable amount and gives you a lot of freedom. Most people don’t post that frequently on a daily basis, and if you do, it’s probably time to reconsider. 

Our final takeaway from More Likes is that they are really transparent and reputable; their services are no contract, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee alongside 24/7 customer support. More Likes is the go-to service when you want to buy Instagram likes these days. 

2. Growthoid


Another great option that helps you to boost your engagements is the service that Growthoid offers. Growthoid is a manual Instagram growth service that users an account manager to reach out to more people, getting their attention through likes. 

When you like other people’s content, it’s been proven that they are likely to check you out, like your content as well, and even follow you. This is the best method for organic Instagram growth and engagement generation. 

Growthoid will assign you an account manager who will take care of engaging with users in your target audience; once you provide them with your targets, they’ll start to like content by users that would be valuable to your account. 

You’ll see, as a result, an increase in not only Instagram likes but in Instagram followers as well. 

Growthoid is a well-rounded growth service that doesn’t deal with any bots or fake accounts, so everything you get from them will be totally authentic, which also has the makings of a long-term Instagram growth strategy. 

3. Stormlikes


Stormlikes is an awesome site to buy Instagram likes from, and you can also buy genuine followers and views from them as well. They provide real followers and engagements through real accounts. 

They don’t require your password, and they are completely in line with the terms of use of Instagram, so your account won’t get banned or flagged. They deliver your order very quickly in comparison with some other services out there, so if you need your Instagram likes quickly, they can definitely help. You can also choose gradual if you want them to come in naturally.  

You can buy as little as 50 likes, increasing from there. The service that Stormlikes provides can really help your account credibility and they work to make the process as smooth as it can be. 

4. Growthsilo


Growthsilo is a fully-managed Instagram engagements service that you can buy likes from; when you sign up for Growthsilo, you’ll get an account manager that will like targeted user content on your behalf, which will then drive them to your profile and do the same for you. 

These natural and organic Instagram services are the best way to go as they are performed by humans and bring you real results that are sustainable. You don’t have to worry about them messing around with fake followers or inactive accounts to bring you likes. This happens naturally. 

Growthsilo has two monthly plans that you can choose from and they also offer you a money-back guarantee. You’ll see not only amped up likes and engagements on Instagram, but also an increase in followers, which is the perfect trifecta. 

5. Task Ant 

Task Ant – The World's Best Hashtag Generator?

Optimizing your hashtag strategy can sometimes be much better than the decision to buy Instagram likes simply because it helps you develop a long-term strategy that actually delivers more likes naturally. 

Task Ant is an Instagram hashtag generator that helps you to find the best hashtags for your niche, getting your content on hashtag feeds and in front of more people. If your content isn’t discoverable and people can’t see it via hashtags, you’re unlikely to gain any likes from accounts that don’t follow you. 

Many people don’t know which hashtags to use or how to use them in order to optimize their content reach; that’s where Task Ant comes in. When your content is linked to the right hashtag and you’re showing up in feeds that your target users are following, you’ll increase your likes a great deal. 

You can also organize your hashtags into sets for easy posting, helping you get more content out without spending a bunch of time searching for your hashtag list.



Likes offers you the possibility to buy Instagram likes, and you can also buy auto likes if you don’t want to deal with having to purchase packages when you post new content. 

The distinguishing factor about Likes.io compared with other services is that Likes.io gives you the option to split the amount of likes across multiple pieces of content when you buy Instagram likes; this is a unique feature that can be very useful if you want to boost multiple content pieces with one packaged purchase. 

Their likes are also done by users based on your targets, which include location and interest, so you’ll be getting something reputable when you buy Instagram likes from likes.io.

7. SocialViral


SocialViral will provide you with high-quality Instagram likes, and they have also been around for a while, so they’re a reputable service that you can trust. They care about providing top service to their customers, which makes them a good choice. 

They also offer packages for other social media platforms if you’re looking to expand beyond Instagram. They also provide an automatic likes option if you want them to come in all at one time automatically. 

The value that you’ll get from SocialViral justifies their pricing options which is always a good thing.

8. Media Mister

Media Mister

One of the oldest providers of social media engagements, Media Mister has no shortage of packages for Instagram. You’ll be able to buy Instagram likes and much, much more from Media Mister. 

Media Mister offers services for pretty much any platform under the sun, so you’ll be able to grow almost any social media network that you are registered for with their services. 

Their service is in line with the Instagram terms of service, they have a great support team, and won’t get your account banned or in trouble. 

9. Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta Review - Click to See The Verdict.

It may sound like Mr. Insta only focuses on instagram and no other platforms, but that’s actually not true. Mr. Insta works with many other popular social media platforms, so it’s not just a great place to buy Instagram likes, but likes and engagements for many other platforms as well. 

Mr. Insta offers a refill guarantee for likes, so if you see your likes start to drop off over time, they will help you refill them. You can buy up to 50k Instagram likes through Mr. Insta. 

10. Combin

Combin isn’t a site that exclusively sells Instagram likes, they’re actually more of a marketing and content planning solutions company, but through these invaluable tools you will undoubtedly increase your real and natural likes on a regular basis. 

Combin offers a variety of growth and scheduling features that can help you to stick to your schedule and stay consistent with your posts, as well as analyze what is happening on the platform and what strategies you can use to get more Instagram likes and followers. 

Hey offer a free trial, so if you’re not sure, you can check them out before becoming a customer. 

11. Famoid

Famoid Review 2020: Is It a Scam?

You can buy Instagram likes from Famoid, but you can also buy other Instagram services as well as social media services for the most popular sites, such as Facebook and Instagram. 

Famoid is reliable, offers quick delivery, and has their customer support team on call around the clock just in case you need some help. 

Their packages are affordable and they also have a good refund policy just in case something goes wrong. 

12. Followersup


As we know, people are more likely to follow you and engage with your content if they see that a bunch of other people are doing it as well. Followersup can help you to get this social cred when you buy likes from them. 

Followersup offers packages for likes from anywhere between 500 to 10k likes. Their prices are really reasonable, they don’t have to have your password or any other sensitive information, and they accept many different payment options including credit/debit, stripe, as well as cryptocurrency. 

One unique feature of Followersup is that the likes they provide have a lifetime warranty, which means if you see them drop off over time, they will replenish them. These are not real followers, but they do shape them so that the accounts look as real as possible.

13. Krootez


Krootez is a reputable place to buy Instagram likes from because their team of social media experts are super effective at growing successful social media accounts, and they will focus specifically on your Instagram account and help you to get more high quality likes on your content. 

Since Krootez has been around for a long time, they have a lot of experience in delivering Instagram likes quickly and safely. Krootez works for Instagrams in any niche, all around the world. 

Krootez also has quick and friendly customer service, and they back their service up with a money-back guarantee in case you aren’t feeling it. 

14. SocialEmpire

Social Empire

SocialEmpire is a pretty comprehensive growth option that will allow you to buy Instagram likes as well as views and followers. SocialEmpire has also been around for years, which means they’ve been a trusted growth provider for some time. 

SocialEmpire not only offers you packages for Instagram likes— you’ll also be able to grow your cross-platform presence and access other social media management and marketing tools. 

15. Famups


FamUps offer you likes without following others nor providing your password, which means their service is quick and simple. Their current packages allow you to buy Instagram likes in packages of 1k or more, so if you know you need a larger quantity, Famups is perfect for you. 

The support team at Famups is really useful as they are available for live support 24/7, and the delivery of your likes will be fairly quick at 1-3 days. If you want to fortify other elements of your Instagram, they also provide followers, comments, and video views for your Instagram account. 

Does Buying Instagram Likes Work? 

 Of the biggest questions that Instagram users looking for more asks themselves is whether or not buying Instagram likes actually works. There are a few different things to consider when answering this question. 

If the likes that you buy are low-quality or are from fake looking accounts, it’s likely that Instagram will clear those out and they will disappear off of your profile. The bad thing is that you invest money in a service that supposedly delivers you results, you see those results arrive, and then they’re gone. 

That’s basically like throwing money into the trash can. 

There are services, however, that do work, and the ones on this list are likely to bring you the best results based on the current Instagram terms of use and how third parties interact with the Instagram platform. 

Buying packages of likes can be a good solution for quick goals and for boosting the appearance of social cred, but the ones that will give you the best results against the Instagram algorithm are the ones that come in naturally, from real users. 

These services may cost a little more money, but they also drive more results that can be perpetuated over the long term. 

When you choose a service to deliver likes or boost your reach, you shouldn’t stop performing or optimizing your Instagram account; you should use the opportunity to double or triple the results that you are gaining. 

For this reason, we’re going to leave you with four tips that can help you build even more likes and engagements on top of what you’re getting from the growth service that you select. 

Tips to Boost Your Instagram Likes 

Boost Instagram Likes

While this could be a whole new article on its own, we wanted to leave you with four pro tips that can help you get more real likes on Instagram. These tips should be a part of any successful Instagram strategy.  

Post when Your Followers are Online 

One of the most important things you can do to get more likes is to know when your followers are online. If your content goes live and a lot of people are online looking at their feed, when they refresh it, your content will pop up and they’re likely to double tap. 

The best way to do this is to know your target audience and know what their habits are; take a look at your Instagram insights and also monitor when other content and niches are getting likes on content most frequently after posting. 

You can even do some market research through Instagram stories and poll your followers, asking them to tell you when they find themselves online. You can spin that into a fun little survey without letting them know it’s for your brand strategy. 

Tag People and Brands 

When people see tags and brands in posts, it’s more likely that they will give it a like, especially if they recognize what is tagged. What’s more, people who are directly tagged in posts are likely to give it a like, which means you’ll get more likes when your photos have tags. 

Don’t tag too many and make sure you tag the right ones. 

Stay On-Trend with Current Events 


Don’t shy away from creating content and engaging with current events. You should be aware of what is trending in your niche as well as on Instagram in general. You should also try to take part in challenges when you can; adapt them and make them appropriate for your industry or brand image. Chances are, through doing so, you’ll gain a lot of creativity points, which translate into likes. 

Not only that, people want to see what brands and businesses stand for, so know what’s going on in the world and make your voice heard on local, global, and social issues when it’s appropriate. 

Use Strategic and Creative Captions 

Captioning can be an excellent way not only to give users insight into your brand, business, or company values and beliefs, but it can also help to prompt a call to action and get users engaging. 

You can ask users to “like” your photo if they’ve ever felt a certain way, done a certain thing, related to your post, etc. For instance, if you are a digital photographer, you can post an image of you taking a photo of the sunset and say something along the lines of “”like” if you jump at the chance to see a good sunset!” You can add in additional ideas of course, but make sure that users can see it before the ‘see more’ button or they’re unlikely to act. 

You can do the same thing to encourage people to comment, tag friends, or share your posts. 

Final Thoughts 

When you buy Instagram likes, you boost your reputation and social cred, giving yourself a competitive edge. It’s proven that people like what other people like; when you have more Instagram likes, people trust you more and become more interested in what you have to offer. 

Keep your Instagram account safe and effective; when you buy Instagram likes, make sure you buy from a reputable service that explains exactly what they are offering and doesn’t go against the Instagram terms of use. All of the services on this list are totally compliant. 

Consider using an organic Instagram likes service such as More Likes or Growthoid, as you will build a long-term strategy through using services like these. 

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