Active World Followers Review – Does it work?

Active World Followers: A Review

We all love the idea of growing our Instagram account so we can potentially monetise it, but in reality, this takes a lot of work and commitment. There are plenty of services online that promise they will help you achieve your account goals and Active World Followers are no different.

To make sure you don’t go throwing your money away, we have used and tested and reviewed their product and services for you. 

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Who Are Active World Followers?

Active World Followers are a business that will sell their customers Instagram followers and likes. They state that their service will give you real, targeted followers that will actively engage in your content, which is every buyer dream.

They will also provide their customers with likes to help boost their engagement further and help their customers get on the explore page. 

Does Active World Followers Work?

Active World Followers Work

Active World Followers does work in the sense that it will provide their customers with followers to their account as promised, the delivery is fast and efficient, but the followers you put on your account through this service won’t benefit you in the long run.

Are Active World Followers Legit?

Active World Followers are legit in that they provide the service they state they will on their webpage, but before you jump head long into a purchase, here us out. Yes, they provide you with followers on your account, but they are not targeted, and they don’t engage with your content like they suggest.

We’re hesitant to call them a scam, because they will give you followers, but the quality of them is lacking. 

Why Does Follower Quality Matter?

Instagram’s primary algorithm is the follower to engagement ratio. This ratio is what governs if your content is shown to more people or shadow banned. The algorithm hunts users out who have a large following and no engagement on their content, as this is often indicative that they have purchased followers.

Instagram actively punish users who try and manipulate the system. So, if you are tempted to buy followers to make your feed look more popular than in it, you need to be aware of the risks that are involved in this decision.

Bot accounts or fake accounts serve just to take up valuable space in your list, they won’t engage with your content like others users and if other genuine users see that your follower list is full of profiles with no avatars and strange names, they will also be deterred from following you.

So not only will Instagram stop showing your content to other users (regardless of how good it is) filling up your account with empty followers will also put off genuine people from following you too. 

Final Thoughts

We don’t want to say that Active World Followers are a scam, because they’re not. They provide the service that they state they are going to provide, but not necessarily to the standard that they suggest.

When it comes to trying to grow your Instagram account, it doesn’t pay to take the quick route. Growing social media takes time and effort and trying to short cut your way to Instagram fame won’t pay off in the long run and it can actually deter people from following you.

Choosing a growth service that applies the organic strategy will be far more beneficial. If you are determined to purchase followers, make sure you also buy likes as well at a rate of at least 10% of the followers you have bought to ensure that your follower to engagement ratio isn’t damaged beyond repair. 

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